Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven University Diplomat Training Center & Bible College Website!  We are so excited about  the many great things that are happening at Kingdom of Heaven University Diplomat Training Center.

We are please to announce that you can now register for our Kingdom Bible College which will offer onsite and online classes in addition to our specialize schools being offerred; that will be a blessing to the Kingdom Community. There are so many that desire to obtain the training in specialized areas and cannot find it; The School of the Prophets, School of Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance and the School of the Kingdom and now the School of Counseling. 

All you will need to get started for the online classes is a computer, the internet and a desire to be trained. Click on "About the Online Schools  in the menu"and obtain all the information you will need including how to apply and register today for onsite and online classes.

Check out our Leadership and APK Network pages to read more information about us and what we stand for too!  

Kingdom of Heaven University Diplomat Training Center  onsite Bible College is located in Ft. Wayne Indiana. The bible college program is designed for those that may be interested in degreed programs.  You can view more information about how to enroll and register for these degreed programs at to download the registration application or call us at 260-408-5899 to get started!

 We are grateful to announce our new Bible College, as well as, our long standing affiliation with Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International in Destin Florida, and the late Dr. Myles Munroe. 

This is only the beginning of the new and "GREAT" things in store for God's people!

As always, feel free to visit our FACEBOOK page for updates!

Thank you and God bless!

Apostles/Prophets Drs. Malcolm & Sandra Robinson                 

Restoring the Apostolic & Prophetic Voice!
Training up Apostles & Prophets!
Positioning Saints unto their rightful places!
Restoring true warfare through decrees!
Teaching the true Government of Jesus Christ!
Restoring 24hr worship in the Earth!
Setting in order the King's way of business!
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