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Apostolic Prophetic Kingdom Network (APKN) is a network of churches, ministries and ministers grouped together out of similar doctrinal beliefs:  serving apostolic, prophetic and propagating the Gospel of the Kingdom; and teaching about Jesus Christ, regionally, nationally and internationally.  Through general oversight, advice and counsel APKN members will be able to express freedom of ministry and yet be considered under "covering, oversight and spiritual protection."

The Network is also designed for the purpose of identifying emerging apostles and prophets, teaching present truth revelation concerning the original intent of God (King).  Those emerging apostles and prophets will find insight and understanding as to what the Kingdom of Heaven is and how it functions as a system.

APKN Vision & Benefits

The APKN has a vision to bring apostolic and prophetic people together for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of Heaven and providing a network with a Kingdom culture creating a Kingdom community that has no bondage that man has imposed.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Apostolic covering for churches, pastors, ministers and ministries through a level of spiritual fathering.
  • Providing ministerial license and ordination for qualified ministers, churches and ministries.
  • Networking, group benefits, legal counseling and wisdom.
  • Spiritual prayer covering and effective personal intercession.
  • Financial training, practical accountability, direction and mentoring to build pastors, ministers and their ministries.
  • Monthly Fellowship of APK Network
  • Strengthening of established churches and ministries.
  • Linking apostolic and prophetic people nationally and internationally by networking with other networks, and by ways of sharing information, publications, conducting conferences and supporting mission outreaches.
  • Willfully and intentionally networking a world of friends by not only pursuing ministry, but building covenant relationships and biblical, meaningful friendships.
  • Governed by a council of committed men and women ministering in the five-fold ministry gifts that are committed to the vision of the APKN
  • Live Internet, television station access to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Attend School of the Apostles & Prophets and other training seminars.

Call 260.408-5899 to request an application or email us at:

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